Dot & Doodle's photo-event Shot & Selfies. Enter here

Dot & Doodle's photo-event Shot & Selfies. Enter here

Dot & Doodle's love to se our beautiful customers wearing the dresses!

From now and onwards we collect and poste photos or selfies of out customers wearing Dot & Doodle's dresses.

Please send us a selfie or just a phot of you wearing a Dot & Doodle's dress and you are a part of  Shots & Selfies and can win 2 DOT & DOODLE'S OF YOUR OWN CHOICE! Send us your image today in an email, on Facebook, or #dotanddoodles on Instagram.


The name og the event is Shots & Selfies. The small print:

Entering the event you automatically give us permission to use the photos online, on our websites, on Instagam, Facebook, Pinterest etc. and overall puplic, and you  transfer the ownership og the photos to us.

Hanne Lidegaard

Hanne Lidegaard and Arne the dog
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Karen Skriver

Karen Skriver and Rufus Gifford
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Annette Bystrup

My "dog dress" is perfect
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Photo Event Shots & Selfies

We have now opened the photo event Shots & Selfies, where our lovely customers share their selfies
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Eva Hvalsøe

Dot & Doodles customers recommed the dresses in Shot & Selfies
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